Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bernie or Bust?

Hello, Dear Journal.  It's been a while. I've been busy. And when I've not been busy, I've been lazy, I guess.

So, here we are. After a long, hard-fought primary season, we’re at the Democratic National Convention. And now the truth of this campaign season is finally starting to come out: We all know the system is rigged, in the larger economic sense.
But so is the Democratic Party.

Of course, some of us knew and recognized this from the start. Some of us have seen it for years. A lot of Democrats, however, have had their heads buried in the sand. Or they didn’t care, because it benefitted their agenda, or candidate. Or, perhaps they didn’t see it as making much of a difference, “So long as a Democrat wins in the end.”

But I’m here to tell you it does make a difference, and it should matter to every American, whether Democrat, Republican, or otherwise engaged.