Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grand Romantic Delusions Chapter 03: The Meeting

     "You are sure this is the best way to handle it?"
     "This is the only way to handle it."
     "But, isn't the process untested—at least on human subjects?"
     "True. It might not work."
     "Aren't you worried it might kill him?"
     "It might, but that's a risk we're willing to take."
     "Assuming he survives … how will we know for sure?"
     "We'll have to keep a close eye on him."
     "Extremely close."
     "You have a plan for that?"
     "Of course. We have plans for everything."
     "So I've heard. How does this one work?"
     "We'll have to keep him here."
     "Wait … keep him here? Are you serious?"
     "Deadly serious."
     "But, isn't that kind of risky?"
     "Extremely risky."
     "Then, shouldn't we, maybe, try something else?"
     "There is one other course of action."
     "Yes, that's the one."
     "But not the one we want?"
     "Considering the investment we've put in to date, no."
     "But isn't the whole thing a failure?"
     "No, not entirely."
     "What could you possibly salvage from this?"
     "We aren't sure yet, but there are … possibilities."
     "So, you don't want to do anything permanent."
     "Yes, precisely."
     "What about contingencies?"
     "We have a plan in the works."
     "Plans have been made. Documentation has been prepared."
     "You think it's as simple as that?
     "Of course not."
     "What else, then?"
     "People have been consulted. Other people have been put into play."
     "What people?"
     "The right people. Also, things are in motion."
     "But how?"
     "We keep several moves ahead."
     "Ahead of whom?"
     "Ahead of the others—the competition. We keep several moves ahead of whomever it is we need to keep ahead of."
     "But how do you know they're not ahead?"
     "Wheels within wheels."
     "Wheels within wheels?"
     "The gears are in motion."
     "What's that even supposed to mean?"
     "Nothing, really. It's just meant to sound … I don't know."
     "Deeply mysterious."
     "So that's intentional?"
     "Of course it is."
     "You're full of shit, you know that?"
     "Completely full."

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