Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Political Post

This isn't meant to be a political blog, but politics touches all our daily lives in countless ways. With an important election coming up in less than a week, I've decided to share.

First off, something positive—for those who say President Obama has no record on which to run, this list proves otherwise. I know the Right loves to call Obama out as some sort of extreme leftist socialist (and still, somehow fascist), but the truth is, he's been a pretty moderate guy who has attempted to compromise with the opposition, and finally gave up after having his hand smacked every time he reached out to them.

Ultimately, though, President Obama seems to care about doing the job for which he was elected. He seems to actually care about people in general.

Mitt Romney seems to care only about scoring points and saying or doing whatever he needs to say or do to get the votes of the people in front of him at that moment.

And frankly, Mitt Romney is a big fucking phony. He doesn't give a  shit about people in trouble. He just wants to take advantage of any situation to appear like he cares.

Also, Romney wears magic underwear. At least if he really is the devout Mormon he claims to be, he does. If not, well, that's just one more lie he's told to get him what he wants.

I think that makes the choice pretty clear.

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